About us

Established in 2008, Ajmaan prides itself with using only the best quality breathable fabrics and specializes in headscarves, turban hijabs and modest wear for not only Muslim women - but modest women across the globe.

Ajmaan is designed and manufactured in South Africa by Canadian Entrepreneur Salma Navlakhi and recently launched operations in Toronto, Canada.

Ajmaan's best-sellers include:

  • Our pin-free chiffon hijab - the best fuss-free scarf you’ll find - no slipping with chiffon - now that's unique!
  • The Ajmaan pre-stitched Signature Turban is the go-to product for anyone. Our turban comes in a wide variety of colours, prints and styles including a 3-in-1 pull-one bow turban, layered pull-on turban and pull-on turbans with strings/wraps to style yourself!